The Frequency Allocation System

  • The allocation system is not realistic in terms of space communications using the Electromagnetic Spectre but it’s a compromise between standard DCS-SRS settings (for aviation) and Astronomic catalog naming convention (SOL III = Earth)
  • The location based frequencies are built using the Planetary System order, from right to left.
  • Open frequencies are free to pick and use for private, intra-org, inter-org, emergent gameplay, as long as you respect radio etiquette
  • Emergency frequencies start with global 222.111mhz. See next slide for details.

100.104 explained:

xxx.xx4 means 4th planet

xxx.1xx lagrangian 1 is location based


Earth is SOL III = 100.003mhz

Earth moon (Luna) is SOL III-a = 100.013mhz

ISS = 110.003mhz

New York Landing Zone = 101.003mhz