In late October 2952 maintenance technicians, working for Aciedo 1, found a corpse inside Comm Array ST3-90  with a decryption device attached to their mobiglas. Before  Advocacy took over the investigation Aciedo’s PIs found one of the recoverable files was a Bad News intelligence report. Aciedo Commrelay then filed a lawsuit against Bad News, accusing the latter of comm-array hacking and provoking  several Aciedo ECN 2 contract breaches with the UEE.

Struggling to keep up with the resource intensive legal war, the agency’s CEO beseeched his friends in the industrial and transport sector, as well as the outer edges of the UEE to help set up an independent and reliable communications relay service, hoping to make Aciedo feel the pinch while doing a service to the community at the same time. Talons Outer Haven, 7 Hills Industries and Glaciem Interplanetary Recovery & Mercantile, answered the call and OD3ICA Spacecomms Relay Service (OD3ICA SRS) was born.

Radio Free Outer Haven have long relied on mobile, makeshift and community built or maintained communication relays leveraging “off-grid” and “unofficial” network architecture for delivery of critical information with minimum beurcratic interference.  Voice of RFOH, Rushell “Huntress” Visanti, shared her extensive radio consulting, network architecture design, infrastructure experience and support while ensuring that her Radio Free Outer Haven broadcasts were equally available on the new OD3ICA network.

7 Hills Industries provided the materials and technologies necessary to build  equipment. 7Hills Industries foresees infrastructure construction and maintenance vital for keeping the servers online.

Glaciem Interplanetary Recovery & Mercantile procured recycled or second-hand equipment through UEE-independent sources when building them was not satisfying OD3ICA demands, as well as leasing a small fleet of courier ships and long-range gunships to secure shipments. Recommissioning Drake Heralds, Anvil Terrapins and Crusader Mercuries in repairable conditions to form OD3ICA’s information transporter network under Michael Richards’ leadership was one of the first endeavors Glaciem Interplanetary undertook.

Spectre Ziegler soon joined the project, committing Quantum Jump Medical to stress test the network, thus becoming the first rescue service provider to transition to OD3ICA SRS.