OD3ICA Spacecomms Relay Service (OD3ICA SRS)

What the heck is an SRS Service and why should I care?

You ever jump into the verse with your friends only to discover that Spectrum decided to quit on you in lieu of server performance?You ever had quality issues with discord voice channels and the lack of command and control of overlapping voice traffic?You ever get annoyed that you have to invite newcomers in the verse into your discord server meant for the Org in order to get around Spectrum problems? Or visa versa get annoyed that you have to join dozens of other discord servers just to speak to your non-Org friends?

The solution is community-driven and community hosted voice channels that span the solar system (current and future!) that you are in regardless of the server you joined!

That channels are divided by location and fit to purpose!That the community in server can join without needing to join yet ANOTHER discord server!That can be encrypted on the fly for secure but flexible operations!

That have nearly a limitless number of channel options that are available just-in-time and are not dependent on how well Discord or the Star Citizen servers are doing! Imagine Orgs talking to each other over voice when Spectrum is on the fritz! That is what you get when you have SRS-CITIZEN.APP

Built on the experience and immersive background of Digital Combat Simulator, SRS-CITIZEN is the one stop shop for all your radio/voice and channel needs along with immersive filters and secure encryption!

Access frequencies for various moons and planets, as well as emergency SOS channels, all in one convenient location. Our team is dedicated to supporting your operations no matter where you are in the universe, so you can focus on what matters most. Trust SRS Citizen APP to be your reliable partner in the vast and dynamic universe.

Server URL : open.srs-citizen.app

EAM Coalition password: mobi