The Frequency Allocation System Emergencies/Rescue & protocol

Emergency frequencies start with global 222.111mhz anyone unsure what category their problem fits or in a hurry.

For specific emergency categories:

  • 222.222 medical (hand-overs* .221; .223; .224…)
    222.333 extraction (hand-overs* .331; .332; .334…)
    222.444 combat support (hand-overs* .441 to .443; .445 to .449)
    222.555 refuel (hand-overs* .551 to .554; .556 to .559)

Example picking up a rescue call on 222.333mhz

Victim   -“Mayday mayday, Luckychap need extraction, my ship crashed on Lyria”

Rescuer   -“Luckychap, this is Savior1 i’m nearby, how many passengers?”

Victim  -“Savior1, Luckychap, it’s just me”

Rescuer   -“Luckychap, Savior1 rescue is on the way, handoff frequency two two two, three three one, clear comms acknowledge”

Victim   -“ackowledged two two two, three three one, clear comms”

Then both Rescuer and Victim tune radio to 222.331mhz to keep communicating without interruptions from others requesting help. Discussing specific location details party/beacon/negotiate payment conditions…

Handover – In cellular telecommunications, handover, or handoff, is the process of transferring an ongoing call or data session from one channel connected to the core network to another channel.